13 February 2012

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ Is there really such a creature as a mixed blessing?

And where did that saying, "mixed blessing" come from, anyway?

Blessed" means "favored by God." Thus blessing is intrinsically linked with God... for all blessings ultimately come from God.

So where did this idea of a mixed blessing originate? I did a little bit of research and according to the dictionary*, this expression entered common speech in the early 1930s (I wonder if there is any correlation with that being the time of the Great Depression?) and refers to any situation that has both clear advantages and clear disadvantages.

And while I understand that that can be the human perspective - it obviously cannot match with God's point of view, for it is He Who is causing all things to work together for good. Thus, there are no disadvantages - no matter how it feels that way. Accepting and trusting God's sovereignty in all situations, choosing to believe that as His child, His chastening... the incomprehensible... the unimaginable painful... it is all His blessing because He works all according to His will. Believing and living this truth is evidence of His grace and His growing eternal perspective in me.

Thus the saying "'the grass is always greener on the other side' really is not true. The grass is greener where I water it..." (unknown author)

I wish you could see our garden right now... Speaking from experience, living in this desert land... much can flourish in the desert, but only when it is watered abundantly and consistently.

this week's gratitude list
(#s 1880 - 1910)

little boy wearing "Lightening McQueen" rainboots to church (with his shorts) on Sunday night - and I thought he looked great!

surprise opportunities leading down unimagined paths

little girls jealous over who gets Mama's lap while we snuggle on the loveseat

watching her blowing bubbles, popping bubbles and chasing goats with Aisha and Madina while Mamata's reading skills continue to improve

listening to Mamata slowly sound out the syllables and read her Valentine, a gift from my friend Sally

hearing others praise my big girl for kindness shown and service offered...

and being reminded to look more often for evidence of God's good work in her, instead of only looking for where she's missed the mark

comparing photos from last summer... and seeing how much they've changed

looking forward to homemade yogurt and granola for breakfast

continuing to study Genesis 3 in deep detail - and seeing so much I never knew was there  

desert times

desert blooms

the blessing of lonely seasons

three math classes all in one

black-eyed nieces

pleased-by-simple-things-"court-er" of said niece - he's approaching infinite patience with all these little Wrightlings

checking hard things off my to-do list

still enjoying episodes of Dr. Quinn, together

teaching young men and women, even when they don't always want to learn

searching for that spark to motivate those not-wanting-to-work learners

learning the Laendler

teaching the Laendler

a wise lady who makes me laugh each week when I see her

table literally covered with donuts and ready as a surprise for all these kiddos Saturday morning... and my big boy and brand new teen who helped me get them all ready

out to dinner with my guy and a couple of friends... for his birthday

sandy colored rug that will not show all of the sandy colored dirt the way the white one did

empty laundry baskets

finding celery in the market

wondering if I can create a raspberry meringue pie... since the temp is getting up to 100' (38' +)... and hot season is creeping our way

optimistic... yet once again... that internet will remain... for more than a week at a time

"Kala suru" --- practicing patience as I learn that it is OK to not always be electronically "connected"

* mixed blessing. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved February 13, 2012, from Dictionary.com website: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mixed blessing

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  1. "Mixed blessing" is certainly an interesting term. While everyone has received blessing from God, I think it is only those who have truly experienced - not just received - God's blessing can really understand how any blessing, no matter how the world may interpret it, is still a blessing.

    I am reminded of the passing of my father. People would say, "I'm so sorry" or "that's so terrible" or other such things. Yes, certainly I miss my Dad - I miss him a lot. I wish he hadn't had to leave us so soon. But I think of other people who suffer with cancer for years, and my Dad only suffered for 6 months. I think of the incredible outpouring of love to our family from people I don't even know. I think of how our family has become stronger and closer since then. Honestly, the only bad part about it all is that he's gone now, and can't be here to enjoy all of that with us, but he's in a far better place, so really, what's so terrible about that?

    I know you guys have had your fair share of silver-lined clouds. Just remember that some of the darkest clouds have the most beautifully lit outlines, created by the bright sunshine behind them, trying desperately to break through.


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