10 December 2009

My "Lil' Punkin" on her FIRST FIELD FORAY

I know, usually, we just call them field trips, but "trip" doesn't begin with "f" ...so? I used a little bit of poetic license!


First we milled about, waiting for all the carloads of kids to arrive... then we had a hayride followed by a guided tour with all sorts of info about how the APPLE has impacted history... after that, each child (and parent) was allowed to pick their own apple (they made sure to demonstrate the correct procedure!)... Tori was picked to give a special "teacher's apple" to her teacher... we got to see how apple cider is made, using an old style press... FINALLY ~ playground time and this slide was exceedingly popular... the class had their picture taken together as a group (as you will see... Victoria can always strike a pose when the cameras are out and flashing!)... subsequently, everyone washed hands and headed inside for a snack: cider donuts and cider... they had the opportunity to decorate their own pumpkin... and last but not least, some time to run around the gift shop. On the way home, the kids in our van slipped into silliness, exchanging each others' jackets and name tags and pretending they were the other person. What a fun time!

*don't just smile this time... GRIN*

This post contains many, many photos...
...so consider yourself forewarned!

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