01 April 2008

Pool Buddies

Of all of the recent pictures we've taken of Elsie Mae, I think these are my favorites.

She is old enough to really be enjoying the pool this year - now that it is warm enough to get in, and stay in for more than a few seconds!


And (said in a whisper) even though it is 107' out some afternoons, she still comes out of the water with her lips blue and her teeth a-chatterin' ! What can we say? She was born on the backside of the Sahara!

In these photos, Elsie is playing with her most favoritest pool buddy, a dear lady our children call Miss Sandra. Sandra is leaving Niger tonight - heading home for a year of furlough and then retirement after 30 years of missionary service. Elsie is going to miss her pool buddy; I am too, and not just because she was such great entertainment for the munchkin crew at the pool. But we do look forward to hearing how God continues to lead and direct her life. I'm so thankful that even though family is far away, we've got adopted family here to love on our children and to be examples of a lifetime of faithful service.

Please join Elsie Mae and our family (and many other of her friends here) in praying for Sandra as she adjusts back to life and service on the other side of the ocean.

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