06 April 2008

Making Tortillas

Our family loves to eat tortillas (soft tacos, quesadillas, chili casserole, fajitas, breakfast fajitas...) - but we can't just run to the grocery store and pick 'em up. We get to make them.

In recent weeks, this job has been assigned to Brendan. In recent weeks, it is a job that has required much less work, as we have friends who let us borrow their tortilla press (rolling them out by hand takes forever and is tiring, but we've also done it that way, too. Usually though, we'd just ask our house help to do it.)

Boys sure can be silly!!!

After we use the tortilla press, we actually cook them on the stove - it is much quicker that way.

And then we enjoy!

Quick disclaimer: These aren't actually pictures of dishes we've made - but for the sake of expediency, ones I found on line of recipes we've tried, using tortillas. Unfortunately, only very occasionally will our "plates" look this pretty, and when/if they do, they are expediently consumed before I get a chance to take a picture! Oh well... LOL!

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