05 July 2007

Elsie Mae and the French Fry

Elsie is not terribly interested in solid foods.
And, she'll be 10 months old on July 12th.
Sure, she eats applesauce, mashed bananas and mangoes, yogurt...
occasionally she'll let me get a few bites of pasta or rice into her mouth...
But other than that, she still prefers milk.
... you hand her a french fry. She REALLY likes french fries. Is that a crazy "first food" for a baby? YUMMY!


  1. I love the collage of photos - what fun you all must have!! Thanks for the comment on potty training. Your method is about what this book covers. We're excited to continue...

  2. Our William sounds a lot like your girl. He is 14 months, not walking, not liking much food except his mommy milk (and closer to the source the better), but he loves his french fries and chocolate.lol

    Autum (Penn) Smith

  3. Awesome pics! And may I say...congratulations on still taking pictures of your younger children. She is so blessed to be able to later see herself when she was young. :)


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