01 April 2016

Five Minute Friday ~ "I don't know... You decide!"

Have you ever found yourself caught in one of those situations where no one wants to take the lead and just make a decision?

"Where should we go for lunch?"
"I don't care. Go ahead, you pick."
"No, seriously - you should be the one to decide. I picked last time."
"But it really doesn't matter to me... so, wherever! It's all good."

Obviously, this particular dilemmatic circumstance is more annoying than anything else. 

Eventually, someone will make a choice and after having wasted anywhere 5-15 minutes of their lunch break, the two (whoever they might be) will head off for lunch and before long forget all about their indecision. Worst case scenario? Too much time is wasted so someone finally decides they's rather just go to the company cafeteria or raid the vending machines and eat at their desk. And everyone feels stupid.

Are you a person who avoids making a definitive choice?

Silly girls who can't decide which silly face to make for their sister-selfie!

After all, that's the history behind the word. 

Decide comes from the Latin decidere means, quite literally, "to cut off." It is formed from the prefix de-, which means "off" and the verb caedere, which means "to cut," 

When a choice is made, it cuts off all other possibilities. If Tim and I choose to run to Ashton's for lunch some day, then Tim Horton's is no longer a possibility. If we decide to go skiing over Spring Break, then we won't be taking photos overlooking our toes on a sandy beach with Caribbean blue waves breaking in the background.

Deciding is a form of exclusivity.

That's why it makes some people uncomfortable.

In circumstances like where to go for lunch, that exclusivity isn't life-changing or irreversible.

But with some decisions, there's no turning back... and there's no way to guarantee the consequences, good or bad...

How about you? Do you make decisions easily? Or is it one of those things you find difficult to do?

...so I decided to take a selfie with him!

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