12 March 2016

Five Minute Friday - Sharing "the Happiness!"

Plenty of people miss their 
of happiness, 
not because they never found it, 
but because they didn't 
to enjoy it. 

~William Feather~

Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week... and I can hear my kids and husband groan (in my mind) as I type these words.


Saturday Morning Clean!

We usually sleep in.

Snuggle for awhile and talk about the week. Some are known to check up on different online games...

Silly snuggle time
Eat a leisurely breakfast.

But then someone begins blaring an iTunes or YouTube playlist... We have quite an menagerie of music ranging from Uncle Kracker to Christy Galkin, from Journey to Owl City, from Josh Turner to Huw Priday, from Vent du Nord to Matisyaho, from Alvin and the Chipmunks to Bryan Adams... and just about every Disney soundtrack (plus Prince of Egypt and a few like-minded creations) in English and some in French...

...and everyone gets to work on their weekly cleaning chores. The little girls clean their bedroom, do their laundry and sweep and mop the hallway. Some weekends, they also get to re-organize their toys or straighten out the coloring cupboard. Jonathan gets to work on his room and the living room. The big girls clean the basement - their room and bathroom, the family room, the office and the laundry room... and vacuum up the stairs. Tim takes care of the upstairs bathroom, mops the kitchen floor plus any repair jobs/outdoor jobs that need to be cared for. Richelle cleans Mama & Daddy's bedroom, works on laundry and cleans up the kitchen and that leisurely breakfast mess.

Look at that spotless room!
Usually, we're all done by noon, sometimes 1, depending on how long we snuggled before starting to work - leaving lots of time in the afternoon to just hang out, bake something sweet, or do something fun.

Funny thing?

Even though the majority of the gang might groan at the thought of the work, it is true that many hands make the labor light. Even better is all the fun we share as we bounce around the house, working together to get what needs to be done done, enjoying lively music and each other's company... and occasionally, teasingly, harassing a sibling or spouse! 

I love sharing Saturday mornings with my gang!

On days when other things and activities mean we have to adapt our Saturday Morning Cleaning Routine... I miss it.

I suspect the rest of the gang, just might... a little bit... too!

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  1. Making memories while getting chores done. Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your family life. Visiting from FMF. Blessings.


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