20 February 2016

Five Minute Friday ~ Not Forgot{ten}

No, I've not forgotten this space.

Nor have I forgotten to feel guilty every time I consider taking a few minutes to actually sit down and write something.

And I've certainly not forgotten that sometimes the very best way for me to process life is to write with my fingers.

But what I had forgotten was how wonderfully hard and delightfully busy this parenting business can be...

You see, I was somehow under this illusion ~

that once the littlest littles finally became independent middlers that I'd have a little bit more time... 

that once the independent middlers became almost grown up biggers there's be a little less insanity around the house... 

that once the almost grown up biggers became grown up biggers flying the nest to work and study far from me, the parenting intensity might increase but bulk volume would actually lighten - just a little bit.

However, between homework in a second language, still cooking almost everything from scratch to try and make the food budget work, travel time back and forth from school and work, ministry and volunteer opportunities, dipping my toes back into teaching English just a little bit AND trying to figure out how to blog in my second language...

This space remains, sadly, neglected

But not forgotten.


  1. I recently found your blog and am happy to see your update. I am a mother of eight--the oldest is 18 and the youngest should be arriving in April--and am a missionary in Uruguay. I have enjoyed looking at your blog and receiving encouragement as a missionary mom of many.

    1. Hey there Michele ~ and thank you for the encouragement... and for letting me know that someone DOES still read my occasional updates. How long have you been on the field?

      My oldest just turned 20 a few months back... youngest is 7.5. Did you always hope to have a bigger than average family?

    2. We celebrate 10 years with our mission agency in March, but in that time we've done ministry in 3 locations...so we've been in our current field (Uruguay) for just a little over a year. I always wanted what I considered a big family (4) but it wasn't until after our first that we came to leave our family planning in God's hands. I love babies, and so it has been such a blessing to have the freedom to keep having them. But I must admit thia move and the process of getting all ages settled in and doing ministry work has left me tired and needing to connect with other big families to get encouragement. I have a blog that I update as I am able at callmissionaries.org. Thanks again for your writing here and on the missionary moms blog!

    3. We've only been two locations - moving internationally is a bear. We were with one mission board which dissolved due to financial mismanagement - while we were on the field. THAT was a mess. We are now with the mission board that "rescued" us and partnering with another one so we can work in Canada. Three mission boards in 21 years (this summer).

      We originally thought 3 kids... but, through much prayer and counseling, we also decided 8 was enough (I'm open to adopting, but hubby really doesn't feel that calling) - a decision made due to cardiac issues I'd experienced with the last three pregnancies. One thing we have considered as our littles get into their teen years is adopting older girls who are about to leave the foster care system - so that they have a place to call home as they move out on their own. Hubby is an amazing daddy to teenage girls. But that is still a few years down the road. :-)

      Glad you are finding these musings encouraging. I really enjoy the community of ladies who write at Missionary Moms.


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