31 October 2015

Five Minute Friday ~ Almost


It's an oxymoron within a word.

Just stop and think about it...

A sort-of once upon a time compound word, all + most, and meaning not quite or very nearly...

Yet all by itself, all means the entirety, wholly and without limit

and most mostly means the greatest number, amount or extent.

How can you have a greatest possible... yet be without limit?

Doesn't possible limit, at least in a sense?

I've thought "almost" so many times this week...

I almost had that recipe just right... then the phone rang, I ran downstairs to answer it, got distracted until I smelled burnt.

She's almost over her cold... except that she's still keeping me up a chunk of the night with the coughing that no longer keeps her awake.

She almost got a good grade on her French exam - well, at least on half of it she did; the other half? Let's just say there is lots of room for improvement.

It's one of those words that can be good - if the very nearly was a bad thing barely escaped - a car accident, a brush with death, a goal so close to being attained...

Or it can be bad, if it is a not quite but desperately hoped for first soccer goal, your dad telling you how much farther before reaching the rest area and the bathroom when traveling, a failure that was so close to success...

Thankfully, almost never describes


the sufficiency of His sacrifice

the reality of His resurrection

He's surety for the future for all who've placed their hope and trust on Him.

First Five Minute Friday write in a loooooooooooong time!
Not linking up... just writing for the fun of it.

We'll see what happens next week!

Photos of Tori playing soccer
taken by her grandfather
Dick Stewart
Lansing, MI

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  1. Clever! And Amen! So thankful Jesus is ALL in all and never almost! Thanks!


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