19 February 2015

Five Minute Friday ~ Open

I opened my email and boy, was I surprised.

There was my girl's name, chosen to be a representative on homecoming court, an actual nominee for queen. 

We didn't expect it.

Other young women in her graduating class are amazing, talented, delightful and godly young women - every bit as deserving of such an honor.

Not too many days later, I opened my email again. Another surprise.

Her daddy was flying home from his business trip just to be here for the homecoming festivities that we never dreamed would be such a big deal.

Calvary Baptist Academy Homecoming Queen, 2015


Linking up with Kate for a 5 Minute Friday... after a long hiatus.

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  1. What an exciting time for your daughter! Stopping in to say "hi" from the FMF.


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