03 November 2014

~ HOPING... among other things, to find a hairbrush in the HOPE basket ~

October is over.

So is my 31 day writing project, focusing: Five minutes of writing each day on a single topic -

As in the One and Only ALL-Wise
I tried to focus on Him and His wisdom,
His wise principles of living 
as found throughout the book of Proverbs.

It was a great challenge and I'm so glad I did it.


With the busyness of four high schoolers, one college student, a couple of volunteering opportunities the Lord has given for this season...

and just the busyness of keeping our family of ten moving in the same general direction without stampeding, running off a cliff or getting totally lost...

I just wasn't ready to hop back into the Encountering Jesus series I've been writing weekly, give or take a few weeks here and there, over the past couple of years...


I hope to be up and running again next week.

Of course, I say hope not in the Hebrews 11.1 sense of the word.

I say it more in the sense of my little "hope basket" I keep in my bathroom...
that is there "in the hope that" at least one or two of my girlies will remember to replace the brush after getting ready for school...

So I can find it when I need to use it later! 

So...On that note... 

I sincerely hope (and am planning) to be back to normal posting by this time next week! 


(And please pray for the students from Calvary Baptist Academy - including three of my own - who just left for their annual Choir/Drama Tour and ministry.

Pray that God will work both through and in them, and keep them safe as they travel over the course of this week.)

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