20 December 2013


When you live on the backside of the desert… in a land that has not traditionally recognized your favorite holidays and special life moments the way you always have…

...it’s easy to feel at a loss as to how to make those moments special.

Which sometimes encourages me to not look forward to those times.

Let me admit right off the bat, guiltily, that I often have dreaded days that should have been, instead, special highlights for me and for those I love. I traditionally think about that a lot during these months. For in a span of 14 weeks, our family celebrates seven birthdays, three big holidays and one anniversary. That doesn’t include any of the smaller local holidays - you know, those ones scheduled according to the lunar calendar?

It is easy to wonder what else to do when you are hot and tired, when you are already all idea-ed out, when there is comparatively very little locally available and when nine-tenths of the even remotely appealing ideas (via Pinterest) require so much work, first to figure out and then to find appropriate substitutes for all that is not available -  but would have been so easy to get… if I could've only gotten myself to a Walmart...

To read the rest, because there's definitely more... 
where I'm posting today.

And please forgive my rather lengthy silence the past few weeks.
We've got lots to tell and share, but it will most likely have to wait until
after we are done traveling for the holidays.

Hopefully, we'll get the camera up and running so I can at least keep you up to date with pictures.

But enough of that... Hope to see you hop on into the conversation - after you read the rest of this post!

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