05 January 2010

Croix d'Agadez

Twelve years ago, when Tim first traveled to Niger to learn first hand about the ministry to which God had called us, he returned bearing gifts... he gave me a beautiful gold filigreed Agadez cross... a traditional style of jewelry from Niger... and I wore it almost continually from that day on. It is simply beautiful reminded me to pray for Niger and I love wearing jewlery from Tim. Our last furlough, the clasp broke while we were visiting one of our supporting churches and so I placed it carefully in a small jewelry bag in the glove box of the van so that we could take it in and have it repaired once we were back in Midland... and it disappeared.

So, you can imagine my joy and surprise when nearly 5 years later, it "reappeared" minus the jewelry bag in a different compartment of the van... and I'm once again wearing it almost 24/7! It still reminds me to pray for Niger, our friends and fellow workers there... and that my hubby thought enough to get it for me!

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  1. Wow, that's unbelievable (and fantastic)that is "showed up" five years later!!!


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